7 Things Men Don't Tell You ...

My husband is a fairly easy going guy and I like to feel that he tells me when things bother him. Usually he does, but sometimes he doesn’t right away. We talk to each other about things that other couples have told us and wonder why they don’t simply tell each other. I guess it isn’t as easy for everyone. Some people are into a lot of drama or have short fuses, so I could see why some things go unsaid. This list of 7 things men don’t tell you is a short collection of what I could think of from past experiences. See what you think!

7. Your Cooking Isn’t All That Great

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Photo Credit: Steve Wampler

I remember a friend of mine was complaining that his wife didn’t cook as good as his mom, in fact, she was a terrible cook. However, he never wanted to tell her because he was afraid it would hurt her feelings. He’s probably right, but he could possibly do it in a tactful manner. Maybe he could actually offer to cook dinner some nights, which is what I actually suggested to him.

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