7 Things It's Okay for Men to do ...

Melanie Fitzpatrick

7 Things It's Okay for Men to do ...

I have written for this blog for a very long time now – I have pages and pages of blogs and I write some stuff for men every now and then. I know, this blog site is full of women, but believe me, from time to time, I get men who come to Allwomenstalk – I know this because I have gotten many men add me to Facebook. When I ask how they found me – they tell me through the blog site I write for. So, I am going to go with that and do some blogs here and there for men – hope you don’t mind, ladies. Men grow up thinking that they shouldn’t do certain things. Well, I am hear to tell you that it is okay to do certain things. Let me give you 7 things it’s okay for men to do …

7 It’s Okay to Be Honest

Even if it makes your self confidence low, it is okay to be honest. So, if you are a virgin, don’t be afraid to admit it – there is nothing to be ashamed with. It just means that you have not found the right girl for you yet.

6 It’s Okay to Wash with Your Girls Body Wash

You might step out of the shower smelling like Gardenia or some other sweet flower, but I think that it’s sexy. It’s okay to use your girls body wash.

5 It’s Okay for Men to Shave

Down there. I am going to be open with you on this one. There is nothing wrong with shaving your pubic hair. Does shaving everything down there make me any less of a woman? Nope. By shaving that hair down south, it does not make you any less of a man. Besides, some women actually like it.

4 It’s Okay to Exfoliate

Guys, if you want to exfoliate, it’s okay! Go for it. I always like it when my man practices good hygiene.

3 It’s Okay to Watch Soap Operas

I never understood why people make fun of a guy when they learn that he watches a soap opera. So what? What’s the big deal? Us girls can go and watch football, but don’t get made fun of. Guys, if you watch a soap opera, it’s okay – don’t let the comments bother you.

2 It’s Okay to Express Anger

Just don’t do it in a violent way towards anyone. There are other ways to express anger, like beating the heck out of a pillow or writing a mean letter.

1 It’s Okay to Cry

Guys, come on- don’t be ashamed to cry. It does not make you any less of a man if you were to cry. It’s human nature to cry – just don’t be a huge cry baby.

There you have 7 things it’s okay for men to do. Those, in my opinion, are perfectly fine for men to do. Oh and it is also okay for a man to wash dishes, cook and clean! So, what do you think it is okay for a man to do?