7 Things I Love about Christmas ...

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and probably always will be. There are very few negative aspects to this holiday. Sure, shopping can be a huge pain, due to the large number of people crowding into stores, but it’s well worth it when I can make someone happy with the perfect present. Here are 7 things I love about Christmas. See if you agree and feel free to add your own reasons in the comment section!

1. The Smells of Christmas

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The neurons that control scent perception are able to pass on their memory to new neurons right before they die themselves. This is why smells have the tendency to trigger specific memories. Scents that I strongly associate with Christmas are cinnamon, cloves, and all spice, which are the three spices my mother used to put in her simmering potpourri each Christmas. This concoction was always setting on the wood stove and the house smelled wonderful!

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