7 Techniques for Classroom Discipline ...

Maintaining order in the classroom creates an atmosphere much more conducive to learning. Having a variety of discipline tactics on hand will help even first year teachers handle just about any situation. I know there is always the chance that something odd happens that you are unprepared for. For the most part, the 7 techniques for classroom discipline should work for a variety of age groups.

7. Use Non-verbal Cues

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Sometimes all it takes is β€˜The Look’ and a student will immediately stop whatever he/she is doing. This allows you to let the student know you don’t approve of the behavior without drawing more attention to the student. A lot of behavior issues arise because kids want more attention from their peers. The quicker you are able to nip this attention-seeking behavior in the bud with a quick glance or shake of the head, the chance of it being carried any further is lessened.

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