7 Tasty Fall Beers ...

Of all the things I love about fall, near the top of the list is the arrival of my favorite fall beers! Theyโ€™re sweeter, spicier, and just plain tastier than the light-weight summer beers, and they taste so good with all of my favorite fall foods! If youโ€™re looking for a delicious fall beer to add to your rotation, keep reading! Hereโ€™s my list of 7 tasty fall beers, all of them widely available across the U.S.

1. Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale

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This is my favorite fall beer, mostly because it tastes so rich, so spicy, and so full! Itโ€™s made with 11 pounds of pumpkin per barrel, along with a helping of classic pumpkin pie spices (like cinnamon and ginger), to give it a genuine fall flavor.

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