7 Suave Neckties for Your Man ...

Is trying to get your man to wear a necktie like attempting to find a needle in a haystack? He says they are so uncomfortable. Or maybe he complains that they are too stiff and business like for his laid back, easygoing style. Either excuse, he won't be able to use it when you present him with one of these suave neckties and whisper how irresistible attractive he will be when he puts it on. These neckties have class and grace and are just right for your man!

1. Stripe Design

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Price: $17.95 at amazon.com
This striped, classy looking tie is a great eye-catcher! Your man will be the center focus of the room when he walks in-which is great for you because you'll be on his arm! This tie has so many different colors in it; it can be worn over and over with different shirts to look brand new every time!

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