7 Strangest Crimes of 2010 ...

Melanie Fitzpatrick

7 Strangest Crimes of 2010 ...

People do weird stuff and that is a fact. They are the ones that add some laughter into our morning paper/news. While some of the crimes they commit are funny, some of them just make us sit there and shake out head, because they are so unbelievable. Are people really this dumb? Are they dumb enough to claim their son is in a hot air balloon in the sky, when they know he is really at their home? Wait, that HAS happened, so my question has been answered. You came here for 7 strangest crimes of 2010 and that is what you are going to get …

7 Animal Lovers

I have heard of animal lovers trying to snatch someone’s dog or cat because they were so gosh darn adorable, but some people really take this serious. Some teens in Kansas, Jacob Bradley (hey, that’s my maiden name, but we’re not related!) and Justin Santhuff were two that took this seriously. They ran off with a meerkat from their local zoo. How did they do this? They snuck him out in a baby stroller. The workers thought a predator took off with the animal as it was in an open-air exhibit. However, they put two and two together when the animal was found at a local Petco in an empty glass aquarium. I guess the meercat wasn’t good enough for them?

6 Stealing Candy from a Baby

Wow, I have heard of stealing candy from a baby, but I have never heard of dressing up as one and trying to take candy! On Halloween of 2010, a man dressed up as a baby and tried taking candy from children who were trick-or-treating.

5 Internal Drugs

A woman in Florida (hey, I live in Florida!) witnessed a bag of drugs falling from Elizabeth Progris’s legs after she showed in their county jail. This is a 22 year old that is a dancer/housewife. She was drying off when a deputy saw a clear dog drop from her genital area. The bag contained Xanax.

4 Vampire in Custody

When Andrew Whiteman got drunk, he attempted to break into a local convenience store. He then told the police officer that he was an immortal vampire that had a thirst for blood as well as a hunger for human organs. He told the cops he could smell their blood from the back of the squad car – he also stated that he wanted to eat a female officer’s kidney – eeek! Some people really take Twilight too seriously, I tell you.

3 This is a Stick up! Hand over All Your Lettuce!

One that really sticks out in my mind is a teenage boy. A teenage boy tried to rob a convenience store. Nothing unique about that, right? Well, the weapon is unique. He tried to rob the store with a bottle of salad dressing – what would your weapon of choice be? Ranch?

2 Dog and Man

Dog and man make their way in the news all the time. However, this one really stands out from the crowd. Residents reported hearing strange, loud noises coming from one dogs trailer. When police went inside, they found Henry Ivey (39 years old) having sex with a dog that was the size of a Labrador retriever. He was charged with bestiality and burglary. Poor dog.

1 May I Have a Ride?

Onglev Raymond Ocon III was not a very bright criminal. Late night, he was leaving a party when he spotted a patrol car. He then flagged the car down and asked the officer for a ride home. When the officers asked if he was carrying any illegal substances, he slapped his forehead and said these words “Doh!”

Those are 7 strangest crimes of 2010. I could only hope that 2011 does not bring any dumber criminals out. So, was there any weird crime in your area?