7 Strange Sex Myths ...

Sex is so private, it’s hard to get good information sometimes. The media, magazines, e-mails, friends… depending on who you ask, you might get a different answer! No worries, though. I’ve done some research and talked to an advisor at Planned Parenthood, and here are 7 strange sex myths, along with which are true, and which are false!

1. If You do Jumping Jacks after Sex, You Won’t Get Pregnant

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True or false? FALSE!

This is completely false. Other ridiculous myths are that you can’t get pregnant if you douche after sex, if you have never had sex before, if you’re on your period, if you have sex in the water, or if you have sex while standing up. All of these are completely wrong. Think of it this way: sperm are specifically designed to get to your egg and fertilize it. Nothing you can do will prevent that from happening, which is why there is birth control. If you have sex without birth control, you will get pregnant. In fact, there are some women who will get pregnant even while using the Pill — I did!

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