7 Strange Eco-Friendly Product Claims ...

Every once in a while, a company will make a claim about one of their products making it sound more environmentally-friendly. I’m always glad when to hear about increased eco-friendliness, but some of the claims are downright ridiculous. Here is my list of 7 strange eco-friendly product claims, all of which are well-intentioned, but are still just not quite right…

1. Sun Chips “100% Compostable Chip Bag”

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I love Sun Chips, especially the Harvest Cheddar flavor, and I’m delighted that they’ve spent the time and money to develop a bag for their chips that’s 100% compostable. It works, too — I’ve put one in my compost bin and watched as it slowly disintegrated after about 3 months. This claim is a little ridiculous, though, since most chip bags end up in a plastic garbage bag, where they can’t decompose.

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