7 Steps to Perfect Skin ...

Everyone wants perfect skin. After all, it’s the bodies biggest organ, and everybodys going to see it. Beautiful skin also does its job much more efficiently, eliminating waste, digesting food and transporting nutrients, which can leave you much healthier, as well as much prettier. I’ve always thought that it was something you had or you didn’t, and you couldn’t change it, but recently I visited a dermatologist who gave me some simple advice on how to improve my skin. It worked! So here are my 7 steps to perfect skin for you...

1. Alkalize Your Body

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Having too much acid in your diet is very bad for your skin and is surprisingly easy to do. Vinegar, alcohol, margarine, mustard, pork, beef, salmon, yellow cheeses, pickles, nuts and rice all contain high levels of acid, and these are very common foods. You don’t need to cut them out though, simply moderate them to enjoy no more than three a day, if you can. You can also neutralize them by adding more alkaline foods to your diet. Peppers, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, lemons, limes and wheatgrass are all alkaline, and are fairly easy to include in a meal.

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