7 Souvenir Gifts to Bring Back from a Trip ...

Not that many people actually vacation in Detroit, or really anywhere in Michigan, but some do, especially to visit family and friends who live here! But let’s assume that you do decide to spend a holiday here… what souvenirs will you bring back as gifts for your friends back home? Her are 7 great souvenir gifts to bring back from a trip to Michigan — but you could definitely find something similar to bring home as a gift no matter where you travel!

1. Michigan Charm

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Price: $5.83 at charmfactory.com
Every state in the union, and a lot of cities, have charms you can purchase for anyone you know back home that collects them… charm bracelets are making such a comeback, so why not? It’s better than those odd tiny spoons or thimbles people like to collect for their grammies…

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