7 Signs You Might Be Being Played by a Womanizer ...

Everyone hates womanizers, but most of the time, they are very good at what they do. Even seasoned daters can be sucked in by their charming and sweet personas, and be left feeling hurt and vulnerable when they reveal their true colours. There are some subtle ways to tell if he’s a womanizer, though...if he gets three or more of these, then run!

1. He’s an Ultra-Romantic

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Everyone loves a little romance, but if he whisks you off to secluded locations where he has set up cute picnics or romantic candlelit dinners, it could be that he’s trying to hide you...either from a girlfriend or wife, or from other women. Suggest a date in a restaurant you’ve always wanted to go too, or in a busy bar. If he’s smitten, he’ll want to show you off!

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