7 Signs That You Grew up in the 80's ...

The 1980’s was a classic decade of big hair, blue eye shadow, and heavy metal rock bands. Growing up in the 80’s meant knowing the latest music and learning how to tease your hair to unbelievable new heights. It was all about wearing slap bracelets and sneaking around to watch MTV with your friends. If you are smiling fondly at these memories, there is a good chance that you are an 80’s baby too! Here are 7 signs that you grew up in the 80’s.

1. You Rocked Big Bangs

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Photo Credit: hairsavi.com

Hair was big in the 80’s, but it all culminated with the highly teased bangs. Using a can of hairspray and a fine tooth comb, you would curl your bangs tightly and then tease them to the sky. You got extra points if you rocked the big bangs and a side ponytail at the same time. You were top of the list if your boyfriend had a mullet.

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