7 Shows I Really Miss ...

I am about to make a fool out of myself, but I have to talk about this. I get into TV shows when I really like them, and there are several of them that I really miss. I need to be ashamed of some of these, but what the French toast, here goes nothing! These are 7 TV shows I really miss...

1. Doogie Howser, MD

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Number one choice, no question, can’t help it. Neil Patrick Harris was my first real love. He paved the way for House. Of course, once I had a dream where Vinny kissed me and then I started obsessing over him, but that doesn’t count, since NPH is still hot and the guy who played Vinny … not so much.

2. Mama’s Family

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Oh, I loved this show so much. I watch the reruns whenever I get a chance and I almost got a little teary when I heard that Ken Berry died. I wish there could be a reunion, but I know that’s not in the cards. I hope nobody ever, ever tries to remake this, though, not as a series. That would just be sacrilegious.

3. Flavor of Love

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I would hang my head in shame, but that makes it hard for me to type. I know, I know. This show was a dirty hamster -- and I loved it so much. I went through withdrawal any time I missed it. I should just get every season on DVD, because VH1 never obliges me by having an all out marathon.

4. Gilmore Girls

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Yeah, I said it. Or rather -- yeah, I admit it. The Better Half is going to hold this over my head for the next six months, but I really do miss the antics of the Gilmores. I really, really do wish they’d have a reunion. I want to see Lorelai and Luke together and I want Rory and Jess together. Someone get on this, please.

5. Roseanne

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I can’t help it, this reminded me so much of my family: blue collar royalty trying to make ends meet. I wish, actually, that they could somehow get together and redo the entire last season. I mean, come on. Didn’t they go out on the chintziest note ever? And I’m sorry, but Dan was far too loveable to end up dead. I love John Goodman. That sucked.

6. Boston Legal

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I love me some James Spader. I always jeered at him in movies like Pretty in Pink, he was such a jerk, but oh my. Alan Shore is … well, he’s a jerk too, but he’s so sexy about it. I loved his obvious chemistry with Shatner. I also loved me some Shatner. Of course, this is possibly due to bonding over Star Trek with my father as a child.

7. Freaks and Geeks

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I actually just got into this, thanks to the reruns on … Sundance or IFC or something. Jason Segal is so adorable, and so many of the actors on there have gone on to do such brilliant things that I can’t really be sad it’s gone. But it sucks to get into the show while knowing they don’t have any new episodes coming.

I know, I know, I’m a huge couch potato. A lot of these shows just bring up memories of hanging out when I was a kid, though. What shows do you wish they would bring back?

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