7 Sexy Hairstyles for All Year ...

It gets old doing the same thing with your hair after a while. As women we want a fresh, hot, gorgeous look every time we leave the house! These 7 sexy hairstyles will have you stylin' high in 15-20 minutes tops! Whether you are headed to a gala or a party for two, everything you need is right here. So go ahead, grab some hairspray and bobby pins and get started!

1. The Polished Ponytail

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Photo Credit: Eduard Titov

Who says a ponytail is for the gym only? Here's how to sexy it up! Spray almost-dry hair with a volumizer, and then lift sections up and away from your scalp as you blow-dry. Tease the top section lightly with a fine-tooth comb and then push it into a small pouf and secure with bobby pin. Pull the sides and back tightly into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Grab a small section of hair from under the pony and wrap it around the elastic to hide it from view. Secure with a small bobby pin. Use your comb to tease the ends of the ponytail and fluff it up a bit. Lightly spray your 'do with hairspray and your ready to go!

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