7 Seriously Funny Bloopers ...

I love jokes and funnies! The most hilarious ones happen to real life people in real life circumstances, donโ€™t you think? Think of it like this: Reality Bloopers in Life! These stories are all true-life, really happened bloopers. I laughed myself silly on a few of these bloopers. I would have been so embarrassed! Ready to laugh?

1. Still out of Gas?

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Photo Credit: enviousmoon

Mary Jane had been running errands and had gotten so busy she didnโ€™t check the gas gauge of her little Honda. Picking up her cell phone, she called her husband to rescue her. Robert showed up and because it was so hot, Mary Jane rode to the gas station and watched as Robert filled the gas can. When they got back to the empty Honda. Robert got out of the car, filled the tank, and then sat back down in the driverโ€™s seat of his Dodge truck. Mary Jane asked, โ€œAm I ready to finish shopping?โ€ to which Robert replied, โ€œAs soon as we return from the gas station again. I put the gas in the wrong tank!โ€

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