7 Ridiculous Fashion Items Inspired by Felines ...

I can haz fashun? Feline wardrobe items apparently go completely in vogue near Halloween, as found by the multitude of black cats crossing my Internet path.

Cats are inherently hilarious, whether by pet ownership or YouTube obsession. Likewise, more than one designer – seven in this case – thought it to be funny to use kitty as inspiration for these items. These go beyond everything in your Hello Kitty imagination. Here are 7 rather ridiculous fashion items inspired by our feline friends...

1. Skelanimals – I Still Purr Hoodie

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Price: $48.99 at beatdropscloset.com
For the cat obsessed Raver in your soul. Four a.m. parties will never be the same when you enter wearing this animal-eared hoodie by Skelanimals. Every bit adolescent cute, this boring zippered sweatshirt will be the life of the club. Just watch out for the creepy heavy petters hanging out in the alley at sunrise.

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