7 Relationship Red Flags to Look out for ...

We're all guilty of it β€” we get into a relationship and even though we can see that some things are going wrong, we ignore the problems because we're just happy to be with someone. But there are some red flags that should never be ignored no matter how much you like or love the person you're with. So let's take a second to think and open our eyes and read the following list of red flags that should always make you think twice.

1. Lack of Communication

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Communication is the cornerstone for all successful relationships and if you can't speak to the person you're with whether it's about small things like a missed date or something big like a problem in your relationship, then you have bigger problems than you thought. You should never be afraid to open up to the person that you're sharing your life with. And your partner should never make you feel stupid for voicing your opinion onthe issues you're having.

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