7 Reasons You're Still Unemployed ...

Do you know something? I can think of 7 reasons you’re still unemployed and no, recession should not be an excuse for you being unemployed. Continue as I walk you through the mistakes you may be making in your career.

7. You Sleep All Day

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If you sleep all day, then you are not going to get a job. Besides, sleeping all day is not healthy and can cause a depression.

6. It’s Not Going to Knock on Your Window

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I have to say that you cannot just sit there and expect a job to come knocking on your window. “psst, hey, it’s me, a job … a high paying job.” Nope, that is not going to happen. You have to go out and look for a job.

5. You’re Resume is Sloppy

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If your resume is sloppy, then the chances of you getting the job are pretty slim. You have to clean up that resume. You have to clean up that resume. You have to make sure everything is spelled right and there are no errors. THEN you might get a job.

4. Your Phone is off the Hook

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Hey, if your phone is off the hook, then that may be a big sign as to why you still do not have a job. Try putting your phone on the hook and it might ring.

3. You Prefer Unemployment

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I know, this one may seem mean, but I am sorry. There are some people out there that would prefer to live off of the Government by getting unemployment. I really hope that is not the reason you are still unemployed. I have actually watched the news where people were talking about how they get more in unemployment than they get at a minimum wage job, so they stick with unemployment.

2. You Don’t Believe in Yourself

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If you do not believe in yourself, do you think you are going to get anywhere in life? I don’t. If you do not believe in yourself, then you do not show confidence at your interview. Would you hire someone like this?

1. You’re Just Not Right for the Job

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The reason you may not be getting hired for jobs you apply for might just be because you are not right for the job. You are aiming to high. Everyone has to start somewhere in life and work their way up. You need to start applying for jobs that you know you can get, not ones that you hope for. Yes, those jobs may pay minimum wage, but like I said, we all have to start somewhere.

Those are 7 reasons you’re still unemployed. Why are you unemployed?

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