7 Reasons Your Cat Won't Eat ...

Making sure your cat is healthy and happy is a common priority among most cat owners. I’ve had many instances in the past years when one of my cats wouldn’t eat, which made me curious enough to find out the reasoning behind their refusal of food. There are 7 reasons your cat won’t eat listed below. In case you have a furry friend who doesn’t want to eat and you wonder why then take a look at my suggestions.

7. Infection

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When cats get sick, they don’t feel like eating, just like most humans. They could have a sinus infection or some other type of internal infection that you aren’t able to see. It’s hard to get excited about food when you don’t feel 100 percent. If you suspect some type of infection that is severe enough to warrant antibiotics, be sure to make an appointment for your cat to see a veterinarian.

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