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7 Reasons World of Warcraft Addictions Are Not Real ...

By Aprille

I’m sure you all heard of the game world of warcraft and many have fussed over their husbands playing too much of this game. Some people call it an addiction or the reason they got a divorce. Truth be told, it’s not an addiction to me and I’ll tell you why in this blog. Also, if you let this end your marriage, you’re looking for a way out or you’re not meant to be. Please read my blog on 7 Reasons World of Warcraft Addictions Are Not Real…

Table of contents:

  1. wrong meaning
  2. games are not addicting
  3. mostly over reacting
  4. people think wow gamers are dorks living in basements
  5. brakes up relationships
  6. it’s not a drug
  7. you don’t go through bad withdraw

7 Wrong Meaning

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Addiction is something you must take or intake into the human body. Yes, it’s a bit technical, but if you look it up, it very well means what I explained. You can of course change the word out with obsession, but it’s still a big difference.

6 Games Are Not Addicting

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World of Warcraft is a MMO that you can play online.. If you think it’s becoming a problem and your over obsessing, stop paying the game? I know many people that play this game that say they take a time out of the game and come back in a few months.

5 Mostly over Reacting

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People that call this game addicting and want people to stop playing the game overact. They want to think it’s an addiction, but should blame themselves for not understanding why they like playing the game. Some people play this game to much they say, but isn’t it better then hitting the clubs and making a fuss with the law?

4 People Think Wow Gamers Are Dorks Living in Basements

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Not all people that play this game live in basements. If they do, they need a shove or a kick to get them started in life. I know many people that play this game and still have lives.

3 Brakes up Relationships

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World of warcraft is a very fun game to play with or without your spouse. Many relationships say they have been destroyed over this game. I can laugh on this, because it’s a childish way to end a relationship. Ladies you can’t tell them to stop playing world of warcraft, because you want full attention from your man. However, like I said before men should know that it’s time to give time to their wives. If your relationship ends over the game, then it’s obvious the relationship needs to stop, because if you can’t work it out each other’s wants and needs it’s worth the break up.

2 It’s Not a Drug

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With drugs if you get caught buying them or selling them you go to jail. You don’t see people standing in the streets selling you world of warcraft accounts and going to jail for it. So, this isn’t an addiction. Only Drugs and Alcohol is considered a drug that could lead to an addiction.

1 You Don’t Go through Bad Withdraw

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If you can’t go into withdraw over a video game. You can wish you can play it again, but you don’t need to go to rehab or go through other medicines to quit. With addictions such as heroine or crack, they give you little at a time to withdraw your addiction. You can quit cold turkey with games..

I surely can’t wait to hear all the stories my boyfriend is addicted to this game and I broke up over it. Well, if you broke up over this game, then it’s not meant to be. Does the man ever attack how much you use your cell phone? Or does he stop your shopping? Do you have a comment?

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