7 Reasons Why Men's Health is More Informative than Cosmopolitan ...

First, let me just say that I am a faithful Cosmopolitan reader and that only a brutal blackmail could make me cancel my subscription. However, although a new issue of it finds its way to my busy hands every month, I rarely get the chance to finish reading it and think, “Wow, knowing this will come handy one day!” On the other hand, I’ve discovered that my fiancé’s choice, Men’s Health, does have some really good information that (surprisingly?) have nothing to do with make-up! Here is the list of my 7 reasons why Men’s Health is definitely worth checking out:

1. Food and Diet Tips

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I really don’t need another one of J.Lo’s super diets or more baby-fat burning tricks that have helped celebrity mommies get back in shape for those extra special premieres. You know why? Because they always “forget” to mention that the celebrity in question has a very expensive ace up her sleeve – a personal trainer I could never afford. Men’s Health, on the other hand, features various food/calories charts, tips on how and what to eat and detailed specifications of each and every food group.

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