7 Reasons Why a Crash Diet is a Bad Idea ...

Looking to lose weight fast? How about a crash diet? Crash diets promise quick weight loss with a drastic change in your eating habits. Sounds great, right? Think again! Nutritionists and other health professionals repeatedly warn us against the dangers of crash diets. Here are 7 reasons why a crash diet is a no good, very bad, horrible idea!

1. The Aspect

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The difference between a crash diet and a healthy weight loss program is that while a well-rounded, sustainable diet focuses on a nutritious varied diet, crash diets focus on exclusively on dramatically decreasing calorie consumption or promising to add a wonder food to your diet that will magically burn fat for you. A crash diet is any plan that incorporates less than 1,200 calories a day. Some crash diet programs include extreme exercise routines, while others claim exercise is not needed to achieve results. The key is balance between healthy eating and conceivable exercise on a regular basis.

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