7 Reasons to Try Maqui Berry ...

Rachel Ray loves it, nutritionists can believe its effects, and diet plans are suffering radical changes because of it. Yes, there is a new super fruit in town – maqui berry! This little purple berry charges your body with so many antioxidants and nutrients that you instantly feel and look better and healthier. Here are 7 reasons to try maqui berry...

1. Better Skin, Hair and Nails

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This super berry is said to do wonders for our skin, hair and nails. Hurray for that! I know this may sound depressing but no amount of fancy, over priced skin caviar will help you if your body is sick on the inside. I’m talking about all those toxins we eat and breathe every day… they keep piling up in our bodies so no wonder our hair is dull and our nails break. We need a good cleanser, ladies, and I’m not talking about regular beauty products!

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