7 Reasons to Not Pop a Pimple ...

You’ve been staring at that pimple for hours now. It catches your eye every time you walk past a mirror, and you feel like the whole world is staring at it, too. You’re so tempted to squeeze it… but you shouldn’t! Why not? Well, here are the top seven reasons why you should not pop a pimple!

1. Scarring

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Popping pimples causes scarring, and that’s far worse and much more permanent than a tiny little pimple.

2. Scabs

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Even if you don’t develop a scar, you’ll certainly get a nasty, crusty scab, and that’s so much less attractive, and difficult to conceal, than a pimple!

3. Infection

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Squeezing or popping a pimple can easily lead to an infection. Some infections may even require medical attention, along with a goopy funny-smelling topical anti-biotic.

4. It Makes New Pimples

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Did you know that squeezing the goo out of pimples actually causes new pimples to form? Another great reason not to pop a pimple, right?

5. Ouchie!

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Hey, squeezing pimples hurts, especially those big ones that are located way under your top layer of skin. Some are sore even when you’re not squeezing them, so imagine how much worse it will feel if you do try to pop it!

6. It Takes Longer to Heal

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Even if your pimple doesn’t scab over, make new pimples, or scar when you pop it, it will still take longer to heal. I don’t know about you, but I want a pimple to heal faster, not slower!

7. Harder to Cover up!

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If you squeeze a pimple, it will become red and swollen and sore, aside from the possibility of infection and scabbing. It may not sound like a big deal… until you try, and fail, to use concealer to cover it.

If your pimple is feeling sore and swollen, try a small ice pack for a few minutes to make it feel better. But don’t pop it! There are a lot of over-the-counter remedies that can help you heal a pimple really quickly, sometimes just overnight, so try one of those instead! How do you cope with a swollen, icky-looking pimple? Is there a product you use and love to get rid of them fast? What other reasons do you know of not to pop a pimple?

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