7 Reasons to Go on Vacation to Florida ...

Each state is well known for at least one thing. Taking a vacation to a particular state usually derives from an interest in seeing certain sites. Florida is one of those places that is large enough to have all sorts of reasons for visiting it. I have a few family members that make a trip to Florida every year. If you are looking for a new place to visit, here are 7 reasons to go on vacation to Florida.

7. Extreme Go-karts

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Photo Credit: Bob B. Brown

Xtreme Indoor Karting is perfect for getting the adrenalin pumping. Go-karts that reach speeds of 45 mph can be driven on the half-mile indoor track. This means that rain or shine, you can enjoy go-karting at its finest. There are also 120 interactive arcade games to choose from. These go-karts are speedy enough that you have to wear a helmet when driving them.

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