7 Reasons the Gilmore Girls Are Overrated ...

I do not hate Gilmore Girls. I actually love Gilmore Girls, which is an extremely popular show among more people than I ever imagined ā€” including my fiancee. I occasionally curse my fiancee for getting me into the show, though, because although I love the series, it also drives me crazy. I have done what I do with all the things I grudgingly love: I have torn it to bits. Mind you, I used to loathe one of my Lit professors for doing this so zealously to poems. Anyway, there are several things that drive me nuts, and yet I so enjoy pointing them out when I watch, so I thought Iā€™d share. (I would also like to note that I am all for a petition demanding a reunion show.)

1. Richard and Emily

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I like Richard and Emily. Emily, especially, is just a wonderful old New England dowager queen. She is such a society matron and her sharp, cutting wit just reeks of high breeding and honey roasted money. Yes, they did some really horrid things sometimes, but they played the scapegoat far too often. However, naming a building after your granddaughter is a little too much.

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