7 Reasons Some do Not Go to College ...

Collegedefinitely isn’t for everyone, no matter what people tell you. Some people are perfectly capable of making a wonderful life for themselves by going to a trade school or taking over the family businesswith a few management courses under their belt. Taking some night classes here and there might be all that some people need to get their life headed in the right direction. Here are 7 reasons some do not go to college.

7. Don’t Need to Go to College

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There is the attitude that you can get any job with a little bit of hard work and no college level courses. This might be true for some types of jobs, but it isn’t as easy to find a job with only a high school degree as it used to be. My parents got jobs right out of high school and didn’t have to attend college to get these high-paying occupations. Today, it’s more common for someone to complete four years of collegein order to be considered for many types of jobs.

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