7 Reasons Not to Have Sex during Your Teen Years ...

I know what you're thinking. Why shouldn’t you have sex? Yes, of course, you are young; but according to your own estimation as a teenager, you are old enough. You aren’t married, but in your very own opinion, that does not matter – so why should anyone else’s opinion matter? If you want to have sex, then what’s to stop you? Why should you refrain, wait, and abstain? In short, why should you not do something that in your own mind you believe is good? My last post on this topic stirred up a lot of people. Is that what I’m trying to do again? No, not really, I’m just posting this because some teenagers out there want and need different opinions. Take note, I am not strictly saying NOT to have sex before marriage. This is basically for ages 13-16.

7. Since before We Were Born, People Have Been Suffering from Dangerous Diseases

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The term today is STD – sexually transmitted disease. It only takes having sex one time with an infected partner to get infected yourself and having sex with more than one partner will increase those risks. Using a condom will reduce the chances, but, like Russian Roulette, you still have a bullet in that chamber and eventually you could get it. Do you trust that your partner isn’t having sex with someone else? Marriage certainly is not a perfect protection against a disease, but it is a lot safer than having sex with no other strings attached.

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