7 Pros and Cons of Becoming a Nurse ...

My boyfriend is a cardiac nurse, working on his Master’s degree, and he loves his job. There are days, of course, when it’s a challenge, when he loses a patient or when his thesis seems overwhelming. It’s such an important profession, since nurses actually spend so much more time with patients than doctors do, and provide more personal care. So if you’re considering nursing as a profession, here’s some advice from my boyfriend, a nurse of 15 years… here are 7 pros and cons of becoming a nurse.

1. The Chance to Help People Vs. the Sadness of Losing Some Patients

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Almost every day, my boyfriend comes home with stories of the patients he’s helped, and most of the time, he’s uplifted by their courage, and he’s so happy he could probably extend their lives by helping their very sick hearts. But on other days, he’s deeply saddened, usually because he’s lost one of them. That’s the emotional toll of being a nurse — inevitably, one of your patients will die, and it can be very sad. He says he keeps at it because for every patient he loses, he’s helped save a hundred or more, and they make it worthwhile.

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