7 Pretty What-Nots for Your Home ...

I eschew the word “knick-knacks,” because they imply Precious Moments figurines placed around a room of spindly furniture that you can't really sit on – like my grandma has! But what-nots, those are entirely different. They just hang around. I'm down with that. So, here are 7 pretty what-nots for your home – and I promise there are no Precious Moments in sight!

1. Ceramic Dachshund

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Price: $88.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Jonathan Adler, whom I adore, is responsible for this … and it makes the list because I have a dachshund. Of course, mine is a miniature long haired one, and is thus endlessly prettier than Jonathan's (he is, in fact, the prettiest dachshund in the world), but I'm still a fan of this. It's way better than his whale shaped butter dish, which I do not understand at all.

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