7 Pretty Hanukkah Decorations ...

While I don’t celebrate the religious meaning of Hanukkah myself (or Christmas, for that matter), I still love the decorations for both holidays. I love the Hanukkah decorations for their simple prettiness, and their meaningful symbolism. It’s not always easy to find Hanukkah decorations, but one of my favorite online shops, Crate & Barrel, has a range of them I love. Here are 7 pretty Hanukkah decorations.

1. Silver Menorah

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Price: $19.95 at crateandbarrel.com
This simple, elegant menorah is perfect for displaying and for using, and would look pretty with white or blue candles. It’s hefty, made of solid iron with a shiny nickel finish, so it will last beautifully for years. The classic, modern design will keep it stylish for years to come, too.

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