7 Places to Get a Bikini for under $30 ...

That’s right ladies, it’s bikini season. That means if you want to find something adorable you’re going to need to get together a lot of cash to buy something with a designer tag… or does it? I’ve been looking around a lot lately and I’m beginning to notice it doesn’t need a designer tag or designer prices to be absolutely adorable. These are the best places to get the best suits for under $30.

1. H&M

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Now unfortunately, at the time being, H&M doesn’t offer online shopping in the U.S. which while depressing is only a minor setback. I found my favorite bikini this summer at H&M for only $4.95 per separate piece. That’s less than my sushi lunch cost me that day! H&M is the hot spot for adorable bikinis, go there fast before they’re all gone!

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