7 Places to Buy All-Natural Make-up ...

So you compost your food scraps, follow an organic, vegetarian diet, and use all-natural shampoo and conditioner. But have you looked at what’s in your make-up? A lot of the cheap drug-store make-up is loaded with harsh, nasty chemicals… but fear not! There are brands of make-up that are all-natural, without any chemical ingredients you can’t pronounce! Here’s my list of 7 places to buy all-natural make-up!

1. Aveda

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Aveda isn’t just natural make-up, skin care, and hair care. It’s also fair trade or community trade, which means the people who provide Aveda with the ingredients to formulate their products make a fair wage. Aveda is also keen on environmental friendliness, best of all, their make-up is lush and affordable!

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