7 Places Kids Eat Free ...

When you have kids, finding places where they can eat for free is very helpful. The larger your family, the less likely it is that you can even afford to eat out. Thereโ€™s no sense in giving up the fun of enjoying a meal out together just because of cost. Below are 7 places kids eat free and the restrictions each one has for the free meals offered.

7. Applebees

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Mondays are the days to hit the local Applebees with the fam. Unfortunately, if you have more than one kid and only one adult going to dinner, all the kids arenโ€™t free. The first kid gets a free meal and then each extra child costs a dollar. There has to be an adult present for each free kidโ€™s meal. So, if you have 5 kids, take along 5 adults. Kids have the choice of mac and cheese, cheeseburger, chicken fingers, or a grilled cheese sandwich for their meal.

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