7 Party Plan Companies ...

Selling via parties has become a really popular way of making some extra cash. In the current climate, many of us are looking to boost our income. If you are outgoing and willing to make the effort to promote yourself and the products, then party plan companies and catalogues offer a great method of doing so. Of course, success is not guaranteed and I’m always annoyed by articles like ‘I made millions selling cosmetics at parties!’. Still, it’s worth considering as a part-time income, especially if you need to work around other commitments. Here are some companies you could consider.

1. Avon

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Avon must be the best-known catalogue company in the world! Is there anyone who hasn’t bought from them at some point? With low start-up costs and a well-known name, this has to be one of the best companies to start with – but do check there are not already representatives covering your area.

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