7 Onscreen Moms We Love ...

She changes diapers and cleans up spills. She puts up with tantrums and bad hair days and broken hearts. She deals with problems and takes care of sassy mouths. Who is she? She's our favorite on-screen mom, the one who always has it together even when she's having a meltdown. Here are my 7 fave onscreen moms!

1. June Cleaver

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As the epitome of suburban maternal efficiency, June's skills at running a household cannot be denied. With a hot meal always ready at dinner, and a cookies waiting for the boys after school each day, she presented herself in quite the motherly way. Her pressed skirts and ever-present pearl necklace showed her classy, sophisticated side. And she gets bonus points for always knowing exactly what to say to calm Ward's infrequent anger with the boys!

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