7 of the Best Varsity Inspired Garments ...

Ever since seeing that iconic final scene in Grease, with John Travolta wearing a Letterman cardigan, I’ve been a fan of varsity dressing. I think this preppy, clean-cut look is such a nice change from the more gregarious fashion trends of late. Pretend you’re back at school with the following varsity inspired garments. It’s as simple as throwing on a Letterman cardigan!

1. Forever21 Letterman Contrast Jacket

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Price: $29.00 at forever21.com
This is such a trendy take on the traditional letterman design. With French terry sleeves and a leatherette construction, you’ll definitely be too cool for school in this number. Wear it over a t-shirt dress, or a tank and shorts. I’d love to incorporate something similar into my wardrobe.

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