7 of My Favorite Celebrity Pigs ...

Sometimes, the more I learn about people, the more I like non-humans, the adorable, sweet, faithful animals we know and love who never let us down or judge us for wearing the wrong shoes or gaining five pounds. I’m not just talking about cats and dogs and the occasional pet bunny — I mean pigs. I like to celebrate these precious animals by watching some of their antics on TV or reading about them in books, because they’re just as kind and incredibly sweet in make-believe as they are in real life, with one glaring exception, who you’ll see in number 7. Here are 7 of my favorite celebrity pigs.

1. Babe

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Babe is the only live-action pig I truly adore, and not just because of his stunning physique or perfect skin. He’s just so sweet, unsure at first who he is (or even what species) and then charming all of the other barnyard animals, including of course The Farmer. Babe thinks he’s a sheep-herding dog… and by the end of the movie, you’ll think so, too.

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