7 of My Favorite Candybars ...

Yes it’s true, I am a chocoholic! And I have a thing for peanut butter too! There are some candybars that are trends, just sticking around for a while, but others that are a classic fave in my opinion and in many others minds as well! Here is a list of my 7 favorite candy bars.

1. Mr. Goodbar

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Photo Credit: Sgt. Gooch

Oh yummy! My mouth is watering just THINKING about eating one of these chocolate bars with peanuts! Mr. Goodbars have been my top fave since I discovered them about 7 years ago and I still have a weak spot for them. They are a classic candybar! When Mr. Goodbar was first introduced in 1925, it was only 10 cents. My, my, my! Isn’t that a deal for your chocolate quick fix!

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