7 Natural Headache Cures ...

No-one likes being sick, and having a headache is one of the worst ailments of all. They can be debilitating, and sometimes, even prescription drugs or treatments don’t do the trick. If you’re tired of taking pill after pill of drugs you can’t even pronounce, and are looking for a more natural way to cure your headaches, I can help! I’ve been researching homeopathic and more natural headache cures, and here’s my list of 7 of the best ones!

1. Hyland's Homeopathic Migraine Headache Relief

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Price: $6.29 at drugstore.com
When you first feel a migraine coming on, take the recommended dose of these natural aspirin-free tablets and stop it before it even gets started. The effects are temporary, but there are no known side effects, and according to dozens of online reviews, they really work! I also like that the manufacturer can be contacted at any time, day or night, via a toll-free number.

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