7 Must Try Products from Gerovital Plant ...

The quest for beauty and perfection is a never ending journey. If you're anything like me, you will give most things a chance at least once. The newest to catch my interest is GerovitalPlant.com and its vast range of Gerovital products.What exactly is Gerovital? Developed by Romanian biologist Ana Aslan in 1952, Gerovital is mainly known for its fantastic anti-aging capabilities. From bodycare to eyecare to all things skin and hair, Gerovital Plant is your answer to it all and these are my picks for 7 must try products from them.

1. Aslavital Hand and Nail Cream

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** Price: **$9.95 at www.gerovitalplant.com

I'm all about pampered, beautiful hands. Then again, what woman isn't? Try the Aslavital Hand and Nail Cream for soft, fabulous hands and strong nails. Use everyday and let the cocao butter, squalane, soya, marigold and vitamin E work their wonders!

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