7 Must Have Sandals ...

Sandals and summer go hand-in-hand. I have a hard enough time wearing shoes, let alone putting on a pair of socks to go with them. Thatโ€™s the beautiful part about wearing sandals; no socks need to be involved! Iโ€™ve done some searching and came up with 7 must have sandals that I think are perfect for the warmer days of summer.

7. Leia Sandals by Camper

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These suede sandals look both comfortable and classy. I like the double straps that cross over the front of the foot; it seems to add a different feel to the shoe. I also really like the way the back of the sandal holds the heel in place. Iโ€™ve had shoes in the past that simply slipped off my foot, since there wasnโ€™t anything holding my foot in place. I think these shoes would be great with a sundress, Capri pants, or even a pair of slim fitting jeans. The lack of a heel makes them a bit more versatile.

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