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7 Moving Tips to Improve Your Transition ...

By Jordin

Moving is a big hassle that includes a lot of stress and a lot of work. You never realize how much stuff you've accumulated until you start boxing it all up. I'm in the process of moving myself, and here's a list of a few tips I've found that improve the transition, and make it a lot less stressful.

Table of contents:

  1. don't pack things you don't need
  2. label things clearly
  3. use containers instead of boxes
  4. try and pack things a little every day
  5. set up a "packing" station
  6. be careful of your fragile or sentimental items
  7. don't stress about it

1 Don't Pack Things You Don't Need

As you box things up, toss it out or donate it if it no longer fits, or you don't use or need it anymore. Why take along unneccessary things to clutter up your new home, right?

2 Label Things Clearly

Label every box clearly with what is in it, and try to keep boxes organized. Pack themed boxes (i.e pack only kitchen items in one box, bathroom items in one box, etc.), since this will make it easier for you to unpack things and know where they go.

3 Use Containers Instead of Boxes

Containers are a much better option than boxes because they will protect your things better plus you can keep them for storage and they are much sturdier than boxes. Invest in several different sizes and make sure they have good lids.

4 Try and Pack Things a Little Every Day

Don't wait until 2 weeks before your move to begin packing. You could start packing as early as you want, boxing up things you don't use every day. Get a head start and use your time wisely!

5 Set up a "packing" Station

Photo Credit: Thomas Hochmann

Have a box with all of the items you need while you are packing, like labels, bubble wrap, tape, etc. Keep it with you so that you have every thing within arm's reach. This will eliminate mad dashes to look for a pen or a label!

6 Be Careful of Your Fragile or Sentimental Items

Photo Credit: Olynewcastle

If you have valuables or fragile items packed in a box, take extra care that you wrap them well and make sure the person who moves it knows to be extra careful. You make want to keep it in the car with you just as an extra pre-caution.

7 Don't Stress about It

Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Arzola

Don't let the stress of packing and moving and being in a new neighborhood worry you. Try and take a little bit of time every day to relax and calm down. You'll find that rest refreshing and then be ready to start again tomorrow!

I hope these tips help improve your transition into your new home as you unpack and get settled. Which one helped you the most?

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