15. Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley, California

You might be surprised to see Napa Valley as a romantic honeymoon destination, but don't be. Napa Valley which is often recognized for its many wineries has plenty of activities for the newlywed couple. Aside from wine tours, you can enjoy romantic hot springs, spas, charming cottages and the beautiful countryside. Napa Valley is a great honeymoon destination for couples looking to stay in the states.

"America's premier wine-growing region dating back to the 1800s, Napa Valley is now home to more than 400 wineries. However, this breathtaking destination offers much more than just high quality wine. With world-class restaurants, ample outdoor activities, and a handful of delightful towns scattered throughout a scenic landscape, Napa Valley has emerged as one of the countryโ€™s most beloved honeymoon destinations." Wedding Wire

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"Anywhere you go is going to be romantic when you are on your honeymoon. But it really depends on what you want. If you want a beach scene I would suggest Barbados or St Lucia in the Caribbean. For some culture I love France, Italy or Greece. Stay away from the big tourist spots though. Places like Paris, Rome and Venice are overridden with tourists. Instead choose a smaller, less known town. If you want somewhere more exotic India or Thailand would be my top choices."

Melissa Redd

"If you are lookign for beach sun and just hangin out. Look at the Sandal's resorts. THEY ARE FABULOUS......"

Shelley Elkas

"Either a cottage somewhere, or somewhere in the Caribbean....or a cottage in the Caribbean..that would be sweet."

Jessica Logan

"Maybe Paris, France? lol I know its cheesy. I just want to go somewhere in Europe for my honeymoon. I want to learn things about culture and just soak it all in. I don't want to spend a week at a resort or a beach...unless it was in Italy or Greece...then okay!"

Laura Alpi

"Overwater Bungalow!!! Near the beach...look at New Caledonia, Hawaii, Tahiti... :)"

Dave Thomas

"Italy and Greece would both be awesome. I love the shots from Attack of the Clones on Naboo that were filmed in Italy

. I'd also like to go back to Japan, when I was in Tokyo there were several very tall, slow Farris Wheels that would be a great place to snuggle up together."

Alex Wilson

"The most romantic Honeymoon destination really depends on personal preferences and what you two make of it. Just by using some creativity you can spice up any evening with loads of romance. As for a particular destination, I would say Hawaii, but again it depends on your interests. If you two are really into snow-skiing, you could have a really romantic time at a big ski resort renting out a condo. If you two like travel, you can have a really romantic time touring Europe. If you two like ancient civilizations, you could have a really romantic time visiting the ancient ruins in South America, or seeing any number of the Great Wonders of the world (but be sure to get a good tour guide)."

Michael Hepner

"The most romantic place in the world has to be Aitutaki lagoon in the Cook Islands. You cantยดt find a niceer place, and there is hardly any other tourist there. I was there in april, and I could not count more than 8 people at the beach on any time. Its just perfect:)"

Bent Bjune

"I really enjoyed my honeymoon to Mexico. Hubby and I did three nights in Isla Mujeres and ten in Cozumel. I'd recommend the hotel we stayed at on Isla: Playa del Media Luna. The island is tiny and has this really chilled out little town and serene, lovely beach called North Beach (Playa Norte)... I'd also recommend Santorini. We went there this past September and it was amazing."

Francesca Runciman

So just pick a destination and head out with bags packed!

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