7 Most Poisonous Animals ...

Animals fascinate me. They always have and probably always will. I find the poisonous ones to be exceptionally intriguing. Some have bright colors to warn other animals that they need to stay away, while a few poisonous animals blend in quite nicely with their surroundings. The 7 most poisonous animals I could find are listed below. Thankfully none of them are in my neck of the woods, so I don’t have to worry about accidentally surprising one and getting stung or bitten.

7. Golden Poison Frog

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Photo Credit: Muthukumar Muthukaruppan

This little guy is also known as the Golden Dart Frog. It is bright yellow in color and endemic to Colombia. It is considered to be at the top of the list for poisonous vertebrates in the entire world. The skin of this small frog is saturated with alkaloid poison. This type of poison affects the nerves and can cause heart failure. Dogs and chickens have supposedly died from the poison one of these frogs left on a paper towel as it walked across it. That’s how deadly this frog actually is.

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