7 Most Exotic Animals ...

I enjoy reading about different animals around the world, so here are the 7 most exotic animals I think I would like to have as a pet some time during my life. They are each very unique and intriguing as well. The hard part about many of these animals is finding a reputable source to purchase one from. A few are actually sold illegally by people who obtain them on the black market. Be sure you have a reliable source for purchasing any of the following animals.

7. Wallaroo

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Photo Credit: jonclark2000

Smaller than a kangaroo, this little animal is a native to Australia. Most are a brownish color, like a kangaroo, but there are also black and gray ones too. They are very sweet and gentle animals that can easily be taken around children and elderly individuals. Wallaroos can be walked on a harness and need lots of room to jump around. Males tend to weigh twice as much as the females.

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