7 Mistakes Women Make at Parties, and How to Avoid Them ...

Women are brilliant socialisers, but this can be a bad thing, too. Suddenly, parties are minefields, and the local book club is full of local gossip rather than exciting reads. Want to change your ways? I certainly didn’t want a Summer full of awkward parties and worrying about invitations, so I’ve been researching the mistakes women make at parties, and what we can do to stop them...

1. Talking to the Enemy

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Whether its your exboyfriend or an old best friend, why do we go to talk to them!? Unless the situation really calls for it, acknowledging them is enough, and avoids having to make awkward small talk, and then thinking of what else you could have said throughout the party. Save the hassle, and give a wave when appropriate, but keep yourself entertained with the other guests and ignore your past.

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