7 Lost House-Wife Arts ...

It wasn’t so long ago that being a house-wife was a meaningful full-time job, not something just a few women did if they were lucky enough to havea husbandwith a well-paying job. Unfortunately, the house-wife is becoming a lost breed, and the valuable arts of the house-wife are being forgotten in the wake of convenience (the microwave!) and time (full-time jobs and soccer practice!). A lot of us don’t even know how to do half of these things, all skills house-wives had to possess only a few decades ago. Here they are, seven of the lost hose-wife arts…

1. Cooking

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I know, right? Cooking? Who has time to cook from scratch, when there’s boxed rice and take-away? It used to be standard for a house-wife to go to the butcher in the morning, buy a cut of meat, then spend the afternoon preparing it. Now we only get to cook from scratch for special occasions… which is a shame, since cooking from scratch is most often more nutritious and tasty.

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