7 Items You Should Never Be without ...

Modern women lead hectically busy lives, and we need to be ready for whatever the day throws at us. Over a few years I’ve developed a foolproof list of necessities to carry with me to make sure I can cope with all the common pitfalls of work, school and even romance. Along with the boring essentials like wallet, keys and phone, I have a whole range of staple items that live in my (enormous) handbag. So girls, if you’re caught out too often without something you really need; read on. This post will show you how to be prepared for anything!

1. Baby Wipes

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Especially in summer ladies, baby wipes can save your life –or at least your meeting! Find some that are impregnated with moisturiser to avoid that shiny, just-been-scrubbed look and store them in your handbag or car glove compartment so that, wherever you are, spillage, sweat and smudged make-up are problems easily solved.

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